Tuesday, August 30, 2005

For clarification, I am interested stories from anyone who feels they have one to tell. If you are a reporter who covered this or another, similar event, and you have a wealth of stories that you've never been able to detail, let me hear it. If you are a stormchaser of any sort, write me. If you are just someone lucky enough to have survived and you aren't even comfortable with e-mail but you need to get the experience off your chest, please write a submission and send it to voiceofthestorm5000@yahoo.com.

I welcome all submissions, and should I ever not use one, I will take the time to explain why and in detail -- the only criteria I have is that your experience is connected to The Storm. At the moment, a priority will be placed on stories about Hurricane Katrina, but all stories will eventually make it here after I've reviewed, and if necessary, edited the submission. An example of what I will accept; say you live very far from any of the most recently storm-ravaged zones but you have family there, and you have not been able to reach them, or had an experience where you could not contact anyone to reassure yourself they were okay. This would be an instance where you didn't directly experience the event, but that doesn't make your story any less worth telling. Completely non-event related blather, personal screeds, politics, whatever, won't make it into this blog. So save the rant you've prepared about the true and dark calumnies committed by the Bush Administration or how Bill Clinton really fathered an alien baby by your half-step-sister, they will be deleted from the comments and the e-mails will be chucked.


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