Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I'm in California. I am saying my prayers and watching and waiting as the worst hurricane in history heads straight for New Orleans. Years ago, my son told me that one like this could hit. But I didn't believe him. Now it looks as if the entire city might be destroyed. Those I love have fled, some with their children. Others are simply trapped there.

A great deal of what I own may be lost forever; but as I sit here, I think these morning glories can bloom as beautifully some place else, too. They don't bloom only here on this mountain with its serene view of the sea. If my life is changed, I will survive. So many many others stand to lose all they possess, and even their lives. Such a terrifying time.

...The words above are a paraphrase of an e-mail from a writer who lived much of their life in New Orleans; identifying information was removed, the structure of some sentences altered slightly to preserve this person's privacy.

The news seems only to get slowly, sadly worse with each passing hour. Now there is news of some kind of riot in the Orleans Parish Prison.

There was also recently a report of two men with AK-47s firing into a police precinct in downtown New Orleans, from Jeff Goldblatt of Fox News.

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